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About Me

Technology has been my passion since 1994.​

I designed my first program using "Basic" on MSX computer in 1994, since then I am fascinated about technology and it's effect on peoples' lives.I consider myself a problem solver using technology at heart, I always focus on producing solutions that celebrate both ease of use and aesthetics.Whether in a Startup or a corporate design, I'm passionate about leading creativity & design thinking, helping organizations understand and activate the value of the user-centered design process.

Unlock the creativity power of your team.​

Agile UX

Establishing a design system, set team workflows, research methods, and review processes; organized tasks in Jira, and conducted bi-weekly design sprints.

Innovation Management

Leading design thinking workshops and focus groups, foster team creativity for low-fidelity wireframes, synthesize results into a product backlog, and validate concepts through usability testing.

UX Analytics & Metrics

Integrating tools like Google Analytics into live apps, set UX metrics and KPIs, consistently track CSAT scores, App Store ratings, and social media sentiments, and maintain a dashboard to gauge the impact of new releases on customer experience.


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With 13 years of experience in the tech scene.

Through our years of experience, we’ve also learned that while each channel has its own set of advantages, they all work best when strategically paired with other channels.

UX / UI Design

Digital Products Experience Design

Bridging business needs and customer experience with user-centric processes, transforming complex ideas into intuitive interfaces through information architecture, wireframing, and interaction design.

UX Research

Usability Testing & Design Thinking

Conducting impactful user research as the basis for data-driven design, using methods like interviews, surveys, usability tests, and competitive analysis. From these insights, I create detailed user personas to represent our target audience.


Technology Consulting

With a background in computer science, I'm drawn to JavaScript technologies like React Native and Angular. While not my specialty, I believe front-end tech greatly influences user experience.

revolutionize businesses by enhancing user satisfaction, streamlining processes, and ultimately driving greater customer loyalty and revenue.

ensuring content is accessible and intuitive, leading to enhanced user engagement and improved operational efficiency.

Standardizing and elevate businesses' brand experiences, ensuring consistency across platforms and fostering increased user trust and engagement.

Driving user engagement and loyalty through compelling, game-like experiences that differentiate brands in the market.